Table of Contents:



I. Storm Gathering

1. 1918

2. Master of Metamorphosis

3. H5N1

4. Playing Chicken

5. Worse Than 1918?

6. When, Not If

II. When Animal Viruses Attack

1. The Third Age

2. Man Made

3. Livestock Revolution

4. Tracing the Flight Path

5. One Flu Over the Chicken's Nest

6. Coming Home to Roost

7. Guarding the Henhouse

III. Pandemic Preparedness

1. Cooping Up Bird Flu

2. Race Against Time

3. Tamiflu

IV. Surviving the Pandemic

1. Don't Wing It

2. Our Health in Our Hands

3. Be Prepared

V. Preventing Future Pandemics

1. Tinderbox

2. Reining in the Pale Horse


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Speaking Tour

West Lafayette, IN

Wednesday, March 28, 7:30pm
Purdue University
Lynn Hall, room 1136
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West Lafayette IN 47906
Surviving the Next Pandemic:
Bird Flu and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases

Leading public health authorities now predict as inevitable a pandemic
of influenza, triggered by bird flu and expected to lead to millions of
deaths around the globe. The influenza virus has existed for millions of
years as an innocuous intestinal virus of wild ducks. What turned a
harmless waterborne duck virus into a killer? In an engaging multimedia
presentation, Dr. Michael Greger traces the human role in the evolution
of this virus. In the face of the coming pandemic, Dr. Greger reveals
what we can do to protect our families and what society can do
to reduce the likelihood of such potential catastrophes in the future.